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A Circuit- How It Works

Contacts are made through use of an official circuit form. CCCC members from the USA are known in the club as OMs (originating members). Members from other countries are CMs (circuit members). Canadians may sign up as either OMs or CMs. The OM's role is to create the path a circuit is to take, mailing it to CMs whose names and addresses appear in regularly updated membership lists. These are supplied every few weeks from the Managing Director. The OM mails the form to the first CM's address on each circuit.

Each circuit passes from member to member. A CM's responsibility is to forward the circuit form to the next member's address, until it finally returns back to the OM. Everyone along the way is encouraged to create an interesting cover (i.e. the envelope in which a circuit is mailed) by using colorful stamps, obtaining special postmarks, etc. Members also take the opportunity to make exchange offers to one another, as most are anxious to exchange various philatelic items. Updated newsletters with "CCCC adlets" are often attached to circuits as well, allowing members the opportunity to place their wants before the membership around the world.

The circuit form shown here is an older one. Forms are changed from time to time for security purposes to ensure only the most current ones are being used.

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